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Empowering the Logistics Sector with Knowledge

Logistics is rapidly growing sector yet it is confounded with several problems that inhibit its growth. In this article Mr. Amit Mahewshwari, CEO & MD, Softlink Global explains his view on what is stifling the growth of the industry. He says that the inability of the sector in attracting talent is crippling its growth. According to dissemination of knowledge among its members will help the sector to face the challenges of the coming time and take advantage of the future opportunities.

Mr. Maheshwari shares several ideas that can help the industry in spreading knowledge and attract talent. He feels that a concerted effort by the sector in this direction can really bring about the change that the industry is in drastic need of. He concludes by saying that knowledge can empower sector by raising its standard and making it more efficient and attracting the best of the talent to its fold.


"...The logistics sector is beset with serious problems that are undermining its ability to reach its potential. In my experience and my interactions with the logistics sector over all these years, the one underlining theme that keeps emerging is the poor quality of the manpower available..."

"...The workforce in the logistics sector comprises mostly of unskilled people with low educational qualification. It has from its earliest days been unable to attract highly qualified and talented people in to its fold...."

"...Due to various reasons the logistics sector has been unable to evolve its work culture in keeping with the rapidly changing times.The players themselves have not had the strong will to bring about the changes required by rapidly advancing times. And of course there is also the lack of support by the Government in the development of the sector. All these factors added together have led the sector to a point where it finds itself struggling to attract talent and losing even the existing employees to more glamorous or high paying jobs.."

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Softlink launches its survey on ‘Adoption of IT in Logistics’
The IT readiness of the logistics sector has always had a question mark. Is the logistics sector shedding its old habits and turning a new leaf? To find out how the sector is faring in terms of IT adoption we have launched a survey. The survey is third in the series of survey carried out by Softlink. The earlier surveys have given us deep insights into the technology adoption of the sector. This year too we are expecting the survey to throw interesting facts and insights into the IT readiness of the industry.
Chettinad Terminal against Sical's attempt to handle coal at Ennore
New Delhi/Chennai, Jan 23:

Two investors at Ennore Port are at loggerheads to handle coal, a commodity that is witnessing a whopping 42 per cent growth. Sical Iron Ore Terminals Ltd, which wants to handle coal at its iron ore terminal at Ennore port, is facing opposition from Chettinad International Coal Terminal, the developer of coal terminal at the same port.

Archaic laws hit operations at Cochin’s trans-shipment terminal
India’s first international container trans-shipment terminal (ICTT) at Vallarpadam in Cochin port has been bogged down by archaic policies and lack of government clearances, preventing it from functioning as a hub almost 11 months after it started operations.
Gateway Distriparks plans container freight station near Vallarpadam
Kochi, Jan. 17:

To tap the trade opportunity at ICTT Vallarpadam, Gateway Distriparks (Kerala) Ltd is setting up a container freight station in the vicinity of the terminal to facilitate exim trade in the region.

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19th January 2011: Softlink launches it survey ‘Adoption of IT in Logistics’
02nd October 2011: Softlink rated as one the top fifty emerging companies by NASSCOM’s emerge 50
A leading total logistics provider implements Logi-Sys, Softlink's ERP solution to deliver integrated logistics solution.
A V Global, a leading total logistics solution provider, chose Logi-Sys for enhancing service quality and customer interactions.
Air Cargo India 2012
01-Feb-2012 To 03-Feb-2012,
Bombay Exhibition Centre,
Mumbai, India
Shipping, Marine & Port World Expo 2012
08-Feb-2012 To 11-Feb-2012,
Bombay Exhibition Center,
Mumbai, India
Cold Chain & Logistics Expo
24-FEB-12 To 26-FEB-12,
Pragati Maidan,
New Delhi, India
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