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Experts Speak

Thought Leadership Articles from the Technology Expert in Logistics Technology

Experts speak is the voice of accomplished leaders whose insight and knowledge have turned the Simplifying of complex freight operations into an practical reality.

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Case Study

A study into the challenges that impacted business and the solution to overcome them

Logistics and supply chain business are highly complex and challenges that impact them are numerous and varied. Learn how companies overcame their challenges by adopting technology that simplified their operations.

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TradeTalk — The voice of the Leaders in logistics IT

TradeTalk is a monthly newsletter launched by Softlink, to discuss the latest trends, best practices and innovations in International Trade and logistics and a platform to share the knowledge and insights of the experts.

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Learn how Our Solutions for the Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain can benefit your business

Download the brochures of Next Gen solutions to know more about ways in which you can transform your business and ready your company to face the challenges of the future.

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Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service