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The Relentless Pursuit of your Goals will Lead you to Success

Amit MaheshwariCongratulations to all of you on the successful launch of EDGE, your own platform for creative exhibit. My address to you in the maiden issue of the magazine was inadvertently missed out. Nevertheless I am happy to note that all of you are keenly participating with your creative contributions.

The purpose of EDGE is to foster creativity, grow self-confidence and to bring forth the hidden potential in every one of you. These traits play a significant role in your success in life. It is amazing to know that many of you have such good writing skills; I would like to see you hone it further. Make every effort to acquire more knowledge and increase your awareness. This will stand you in good stead in all aspects of life.

As you all are aware Softlink is growing fast and expanding globally. At this juncture it is essential that each one of you contribute conscientiously towards its success. To keep pace with the incredible growth of Softlink and make effective contributions you have to work towards expanding your capabilities and skills. You have to practically live the dream of Softlink every moment of your day.

The aspirations and dreams that every one of you has will remain dormant unless you realize that to make them a reality takes a great deal of perseverance and hard work. The difference between an average person and an exceptional one is their aptitude, attitude and character, their relentless pursuit of their goals. Do not hold yourself back rather boldly undertake any initiative be it work or personal and slog it out till you reach your goal. This is a sure way to achieve success.

I would like to see each one of your grow from within to become extraordinary persons and partake in the Softlink success saga. I wish each one of you all the best in you life’s undertakings.


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