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A Reality Check for Your Technology Competency

As competition becomes fiercer in the logistics industry, companies need to take a reality check of their technology competency. Technology competency here means the capacity of a company to manage and take advantage of technology.

A modern, well-equipped software enables a company to carry out activities that were earlier not doable or else extremely hard and can enable it to reach its growth potential. It allows the company to make use of latest innovations and benefit from the advantages thereof.  Such software allows the logistics company to become more pioneering in its business ventures.

However a company’s ability to transform itself and become highly functional depends on its technology competency. New innovations make software extremely productive; however these innovations need to be used in the first place and effectively in order to deliver the desired results. This is where the question of technology competency arises.

If one looks at the root cause for the failure of a company to take advantage or benefit from a software, one of the main suspect is their technology competency. If the business is not equipped to use a software to its full potential not only crucial advantages are lost but in worst case scenarios the business ends up chaos.

The best approach is to train all users or employees and stakeholders in the company to use the software in the best possible manner and to the greatest advantage of the business. The training in the use of the software and the awareness of its impact on the business can have huge positive influence. It will not only lead to data accuracy and productivity but also bring in more accountability and transparency.

As much as a logistics company invests time and resources in finding the right software for their business they should also invest time and resources to train the employees and management in using the software. With technology playing more crucial role in logistics business companies will do well to improve its utilization to improve performance and productivity. When deciding upon a software a business check on the on-boarding and training process of the vendor. This could help the company immensely in the long run

Technology can make possible substantial cost benefits through greater productivity and data analysis capability. The company that can take control of its technology applications can benefit from a massive improvement to the business. As the use of technology becomes more established the business reaches greater stability of growth.

The Author brings over two decades of cumulative logistics industry knowledge, experience and technological expertise to the table. Amit Maheshwari is the CEO and founder of   Softlink Global, a software product company with global presence, which he founded in India in 1992. Under his leadership, Softlink Global has grown to have a presence in every   major city in India as well as overseas, with a regional headquarters in the Philippines. A Bachelor’s degree holder in Electronic Engineering, his expertise spans Strategic Planning,   Information Management, Financial Resource Management, Product Development and Marketing. For questions or comments, he may be reached at

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