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Visual Impex

One of the most crucial part of logistics is handled by Customs House Agent/ Customs Broker or an importer/ exporter. Customs clearing can be very tricky and complex. But India’s highest selling software for Customs House Agents/Customs Brokers, Visual IMPEX has proven itself to be an indispensable ally in making Customs clearance simple and easy.Visual IMPEX automates filing of Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills – the single most cumbersome task of a Customs House Agent/ Custom Brokers – online as well as manually.

All the intelligence of Customs regulations is built in this product and is updated regularly to incorporate any changes in government policies. This gives you complete assurance of regulatory compliance so that you can focus on managing and growing your business. Visual IMPEX enables you to keep track of your consignments within Customs based on user defined milestones and can also automatically notify your customers about the status of their jobs. Also, quick and easy access to detailed job related information facilitates management control. Visual IMPEX is the lading Customs clearing software in India. Live Impex the successor of Visual Impex is now taking the lead in simplifying the operations of Customs Brokers across India.

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Generates and prints Bills of Entry / Shipping Bills for easy manual and online filing using ICEGATE.

Generates checklist for data verification before actual submission which helps prevent costly errors.

Reads and automatically processes all messages received from ICEGATE.

Generates checklist for verification of data and duty calculations.

Supports all EXIM schemes like Advance License, EPCG, DEPB etc.

Prints Invoice, Packing List, GSP, Certificate of Origin etc.

Includes a master for Customs Tariffs, Excise Tariffs, Notifications, Drawback, DEPB, etc.

User customizable Letters, Bonds and reports.

Provision for graphical MIS reports for easy decision making.

Auto upload of invoices in standard excel format.

Optional application for data interchange with third party software.

Optional access control facility in software to avoid unauthorized usage.

Regular software updates, downloadable online.

Intuitive user friendly dashboard for easy navigation and reporting

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“I am very impressed with the GSTR return filing via IRIS along with integrated Financial Accounting feature in Logi-sys Pro. With this facility, we were able to make our business more process oriented”

Neeta Shah