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Live Impex

A web based, on demand Customs Clearance Software for CHA / Customs Brokers Live Impex helps to manage complete customs clearance process in India. Live Impex automates entire customs clearing operations including Document Creation, Online Document Filing, Customs Compliance and Reports.

Live Impex helps Custom House Agents (CHA) to manage their customs clearing process anytime and from anywhere allowing complete flexibility of work. Timely & regular updates ensure Live Impex is always updated with latest guidelines from customs. It also gives the flexibility of filing documents to any port from any Customs location. Live IMPEX is the best ally for CHAs as it simplifies the highly complex activities of Customs clearing. With Live Impex, CHAs can submit Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills online as well as print manual documents. It also facilitates the generation of all standard forms, reports and letters providing complete visibility into your customs clearing operations.

Live Impex also provides powerful features that make CHA’s work simpler and faster. These include tariff and notification listing, auto duty calculations, checklist for verification and data verification before submission. ICEGATE Filing is made Simpler with Live Impex not only files documents to ICEGATE automatically but also reads back the messages sent by ICEGATE like acknowledgements, BE/SB numbers, copies of Bill of Entry, Examination Order and TR-6 Challan. The documents can also be printed or emailed directly from the application. Being a Customs Compliance Software Live Impex helps is adhering to stringent guidelines and requirements of Indian Customs.

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Access from Anywhere - Live Impex is a web based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, be it home, office or any other remote location, and facilitates the filing of documents to any location.


Pay as you go - Live Impex ‘Pay as you go’ option provides complete flexibility to companies with large, medium or small volume to pay according to their usage.


Online filing via ICEGATE - With Live Impex you can file documents online via ICEGATE (both ICES 1.0 and ICES 1.5) to any location from anywhere.


Manual BE & SB - Live Impex facilitates the filing of documents, both Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill, manually. Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill can be printed on the standard forms and Annexure can be generated for filing through the service centre.


Online Tracking - Shippers and Importers can check the status of their shipments directly with the help of the tracking number generated from Live Impex.


Analysis & Reports - Live Impex has a built in reporting system for generating all kinds of operational and management reports. The reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or image formats and emailed directly from the software. Daily Status Reports (DSR) can also be generated to be sent to the client to keep them updated on the latest status of their shipments.


Statutory compliance with ease - Customs Compliance Software: Auto Calculation of complicated Indian duty structure & checklist for online verification of data and duty before filing to avoid costly errors.


Always updated - Live Impex is always updated with the latest Tariff and duty rates. Any changes in Customs regulations are incorporated immediately after its deployment in Customs.


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“I am very impressed with the GSTR return filing via IRIS along with integrated Financial Accounting feature in Logi-sys Pro. With this facility, we were able to make our business more process oriented”

Neeta Shah