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Datamation Partners World Class Logistics ERP Providers

Columbo: Datamation Systems, Sri Lanka's pioneering ERP system providers since 1986, has partnered with Softlink Global (India) Ltd. to provide world-class, cloud-based computing solutions to the logistics industry in Sri Lanka and Maldives.
To enable the freight forwarding industry to witness the key features that drive global logistics companies such as DHL, DB Schenker, Agility, etc., Datamation will host a breakfast meeting on 20 March for the key CXOs of the industry. John Keells Holdings President Romesh David will deliver the keynote address.

The underlying goal is to emphasise that ERP decision making should involve all CXOs, since ERPs are great enablers for decision making strategies.
The presentation by Amit and Bhavesh of Softlink will focus on how a state-of-the-art ERP system will operate from the cloud, to seamlessly integrate all your data providing you with access anywhere. World class features of an ERP system includes the following:

  • The Seamless integration of sales, billing, accounts, transportation, warehousing, reporting modules to eliminate duplication of data entry and reduce direct operation costs.
  • Cloud connectivity and low cost of implementation - cheap and quick access via any broadband connection with no requirement for servers or an IT department, and no need for high end machines, or recurring investment on upgrades.
  • Global accessibility - access reports and details of any branches in your network from any portable device.
  • Paperless document management - store and email all data/documents on the cloud and access anytime in the future whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Reporting - dashboards, automated email and report scheduling ensures your information reaches you at the right time, with just the information customised to suit your decision making style.
  • Built-in approval system - speeds up your internal delivery process by allowing you to set up authority level approval system, allowing you to place in process- checks during that can be approved from anywhere.
  • Customer visibility - retain more customers by giving them online cargo tracking updates, ask for rates, make their own booking, view payment details, check their inventory status, etc.
  • Credit control - minimise shadow credit, block customers exceeding limits, and manage your working capital more efficiently.
  • Return on investment - vastly increase the productivity of your managers, quickly scalable with your business growth, and see immediate bottom line impact.
  • Datamation has appointed Ilham Reyaz as Senior Consultant for Logistics ERP, Ilham brings in over 10 years experience directly from the logistics industry having worked as a Senior Director in a multinational Logistics firm. His experience includes implementing ERP's, business process efficiency management, establishing KPI's and HRM. He also has established profit centres, which includes large-scale 3PL warehousing facilities overseas.
  • The breakfast brief has received an overwhelming response and is currently fully booked. The sponsors are confident that all participants will benefit tremendously from the presentation and take back significant knowledge that can be implemented immediately into their existing businesses.

About Datamation
Datamation Systems established in 1986 commenced its 29th year of operation in Feb 2014. Datamation's main focus is on ERP solutions in vertical markets such as Redistribution, Manufacturing, Packaging, Printing, Travel, Vehicle Assembly & Repair, Engineering services etc.

About Softlink Global
Softlink Global is a Global IT solutions provider for the logistics industry. Started in 1992, the company has expanded its presence in Asia, Europe and North America. Softlink Global has its offices in all major cities of India. The company focuses on adapting its IT solutions as per the dynamic logistics industry. They provide a complete logistics management solution for the different functions of a logistics business. Exporters, Importers, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PL companies, IATA cargo agents, Air Freight and Sea Freight forwarding companies and other logistics service providers are active users of solutions provided by Softlink Global.
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