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  • Posted on: 11 March 2016
  • By: admin

The study focuses on the adoption of technology by a first generation logistics  company, Logistic Integrators (I) private limited (LIPL). The company operates in the niche market of Freight Forwarding - Import consol and handles Exports nominated by Overseas Partners and Indian shippers. Having presence in the major metros of India and plans to expand to locations across the country, LIPL were in search of a solution that would integrate their operations and provide the necessary tools for profitable business growth. Selecting the right system was critical to their business as it would be the key influencing factor in not only their growth but also their competitiveness. The focus was on a system that would meet their current requirements and at the same time be flexible enough to adapt to their growing business eeds. LIPL was keen to partner with a technology vendor who had the requisite technological capabilities and domain expertise.

Mr. Sunil Krishnan, CEO & MD
“ Logi-Sys has streamlined our entire operations and has enabled us to focus on the Business Development, with both macro and micro visibility across the country. The sophisticated business tools help in developing effective Business plans and ensure deliverables within time line to the customers.”