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Leading Logistics Provider Haba-Sped CompletesTransition to Logi-Sys

Softlink's Cloud ERP - Logi-Sys will Integrate Haba-Sped's Global Operations and Manage Growth Monday, 1 February, 2016 - Manila: Leading logistics service provider from Manila, Haba-Sped has become the latest user of Logi-Sys - Cloud ERP for Freight & Logistics Industry. Logi-Sys replaced Haba-Sped's older logistics software and will help Haba-Sped to integrate and streamline their operations. With global presence and widespread operations, Haba-Sped needed a state-of-the-art freight and logistics software to manage their business operations. Softlink's Logi-Sys will simplify complex processes and manage the growing business of Haba- Sped in the Philippines.

Ms. Mart de la Cruz, Country Manager of Haba-Sped Philippines said, "With Logi-Sys, we will be able to overcome many challenges we had in our older system. The biggest advantage is that Logi-Sys is better equipped to handle our local requirements including compliance and taxation. With Forwarding, Accounts, Billing and other critical functions integrated into single application, we will be able to handle our operations more effectively."

"The powerful control measures of Logi-Sys are very helpful to manage finance and accounts with ease. Softlink has recently extended their global presence with their office in Philippines and the availability of local support here is a huge advantage. We are glad with the quick implementation and training provided by Softlink. Logi-Sys will help us to become completely process-driven and run the business more efficiently." concluded Ms. Cruz.
Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global commented, "The freight forwarding and logistics industry in Philippines is growing and logisticians are looking to develop their infrastructure to support the growth. Logi-Sys will provide Haba-Sped with the platform to integrate their growing operations. It will simplify the documentation process and substantially improve productivity. Logi-Sys will also offer greater flexibility to adapt to the changing environment and become more competitive."

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Softlink Global is a leading software provider for the freight forwarding and logistics industries across the world. Softlink has been simplifying the operations of logistics companies for 20 years and today it serves more than 70,000 satisfied users in over 3,500 global logistics companies across 50 countries through its branches & partner network. Softlink's unmatched domain expertise and experience in international logistics and trade services, combined with strong technological know-how goes towards creating truly winning software solutions.
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About Haba-Sped
Haba-Sped Logistics, Philippines, Inc., prides itself in its team of logistics specialists who are highly trained to meet the demands of your cargo forwarding requirements. They treat each cargo with meticulous care ensuring that it reaches the point of destination where in the world securely and on time. They are accessible, approachable and responsive to provide hassle-free solutions. We are the right people to answer your every query. We have the technical support, years of experience in the industry and the global connections.
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