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Indev Logistics opts for Logi-Svs to Centralize Pan-India Operations

Softlink Global, the leading logistics software provider, has taken major strides towards Simplifying Operations of freight forwarders with its most recent release.

This function coincided with Indev's celebration of 30 years in the logistics business & their Chairman & MD, Mr. Xavier Britto's birthday. It was a pan India activation wherein Logi-Sys was implemented in 16 branches of the company. At this function, Mr. Xavier Britto, Chairman of Indev, Mrs. Vimala Rani Britto, Director- Indev, Mr. P K Elumalai, COO of CHA Vertical, Mr. P T Balaji, COO - FF Vertical, Mr. Hari, COO of CFS/ICD Vertical, Mr. Vishwanatham - CFO- Indev, Mr. Karthikeyan - Head Internal Audit - Indev, Mr. Deepesh, IT Head - Indev, a host of other Senior

Management personnel of Indev & Mr. R. Raja Subramanian (Asst. BD Manager {Chennai} - Softlink Global) were also present.
Indev Logistics has chosen to go for Logi-Sys, Cloud ERP Platform of Softlink Global after serious and careful evaluation of the system. The top management of the Company has had their vision to have one single solution which can be used across their branches to integrate all their processes/functions. They wanted to reduce the job turnaround time thus increasing their efficiency levels. This would automatically effect on their bottom line. The advantage of Logi-Sys is that it is tried & tested by several top companies in the industry.
Softlink Global is generally being chosen as the trusted ERP partner of top 3PL companies because of its "ICE" advantage. ICE implies that this ERP system Integrates processes, Controls activities & Empowers its users. Logi-Sys integrates the different complex processes of logistics into a seamless interface which can be used with ease. It controls the activities so that the operations are not in autopilot mode & are within the watch of the management. Lastly, this solution empowers the users with knowledge gained via the information generated through different reports.
Xavier Britto, Chairman & MD, Indev Logistics is excited about the future and said, "We felt that it was time for us to upgrade to Logi-Sys to gain additional benefits of the advancements in technology. Using Cloud based system to save the IT Infrastructure overheads was an appealing point. Also, the centralization of our services and branches will help us effectively fulfill our growing customer demands. Additionally, the information reporting features of Logi-Sys will help us take advantage of the existing and newly created data to optimize our services and improve customer satisfaction. We are awaiting the first set of positive results post the implementation."
Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO and Founder, Softlink Global said, "We are proud to have been trusted, by an industry leader like Indev Logistics with their IT requirements. Logi-Sys is supremely fit to provide an infrastructure platform for Indev Logistics to drive & manage growth on multiple avenues."

Logi-Sys, being a consolidated IT solution for the dynamic logistics industry, is becoming a preferred tool to run the day-to-day activities efficiently for the players. The software helps in managing important documents for logistics service providers and it also tracks the shipments on real-time basis with the mechanism of alerts, allowing the operators to take corrective measures. Logi-Sys also helps in linking with the other partners in the supply chain and at the same time integrates financial information for the top management to analyze business performance.

About Softlink Global
Softlink Global is a Global IT solutions provider for the logistics industry. Started in 1992, the company has expanded its presence in Asia, Europe and North America. Softlink Global has its offices in all major cities of India. The company focuses on adapting its IT solutions as per the dynamic logistics industry. They provide a complete logistics management solution for the different functions of a logistics business. Exporters, Importers, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PL companies, IATA cargo agents, Air Freight and Sea Freight forwarding companies and other logistics service providers are active users of solutions provided by Softlink Global.