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ATC Group Employs Superior Technology to Manage Rapid Growth

Freight & Logistics Software will help ATC to Centralize Operations and improve Customer Service Wednesday, 6 May 2015 - Mumbai : Leading International Freight Forwarder ATC Group has gone live with cutting-edge freight & logistics software to manage their rapidly expanding global operations. ATC Group recently implemented Softlink's globally acclaimed Software for Freight & Logistics - Logi- Sys.

ATC Group is a Full Service, Pan India group of logistics companies which constantly enhances their services & coverage. ATC's rapidly growing business needed stronge operational infrastructure to support the growth. ATC Group opted for Logi-Sys to create single software platform for their operations.Logi-Sys, being the only End-to-End software for Freight & Logistics industry, was an easy choice among the viable options.

ATC Group preferred Logi-Sys because of various reasons. One of the important consideration was Softlink's long standing presence in the industry segment & deep understanding of the processes & functions. Logi-Sys will allow ATC to integrate their services and operations from all the branches. Logi- Sys will provide greater extent of control over widespread operations and create a strong finance and accounting platform. It will empower ATC Group to utilize the available data to create meaningful reports which will aide in informed decision making. Logi-Sys will also help ATC in improving customer service by automating various communications such as Scheduled Shipment Reports, Auto-Alerts and Tracking.

Managing Director of ATC Group and trend-setting stalwart of the industry,
Mr. Shantanu Bhadkamkar is excited about the future and said, "ATC is growing rapidly and it was time to switch to advanced technology to integrate our operations of all business verticals from all branches.
The centralization of our services and offices will help us to efficiently fulfill our organizational needs of internal controls, reporting systems & target fulfillment mapping. Consolidated accounting and finance closely integrated with operations will empower us with more effective financial discipline."

Additionally, Logi-Sys will also help ATC to improve productivity, customer service and decision making quality with reports & dashboards."The information reporting features of Logi-Sys will help us take advantage of the existing and newly created data to better optimize our services and improve customer satisfaction. Cloud based setup will reduce the IT Overheads and efforts in installation & maintenance of software across our branches." Mr. Bhadkamkar concluded.

Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO of Softlink Global said,"Being trusted by leaders likes ATC Group is a testimonial in itself for capabilities of Logi-Sys. It is perfectly fit to provide the infrastructure platform required for ATC to drive & manage their growth. Logi-Sys will be preferred software to run the day-to- day activities efficiently and connect seamlessly with the other partners in the supply chain. It will also help to integrate financial information for the top management to analyze business performance."

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