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Freight forwarding industry is growing at brisk pace with increasing globalization and international trade activities. Freight forwarders around the world are experiencing the constantly growing demands to provide high quality service at very low cost. With such challenging market conditions and growing competition freight forwarders need to adopt sophisticated software solution which allows them to effectively manage their entire business.

The success of today's freight forwarders depends on effective utilization of advanced software and technology.

Softlink Global provides freight forwarders with innovative, easy-to-use and very powerful software that helps in automating the freight forwarding operations. Softlink's Logi-Sys, is state of the art and flexible freight forwarding software which manages end-to-end operations of forwarders.

How Freight Forwarder Software Solution helps you?

Softlink's freight forwarding software, Logi-Sys builds agility and ability to respond to the rapid changes in the industry. This innovative software platform creates unmatched business values for freight forwarders and helps them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Logi-Sys is universally recognized as the best in class software for freight forwarders. It provides a sophisticated way for freight forwarders to integrate their entire operations, all branches and all the stake holders of the supply chain into single software platform. This dynamic, automated and flexible approach allows freight forwarders to leverage Logi-Sys - the most comprehensive freight management software - for maximizing operational efficiency and profitability.

Logi-Sys is an end-to-end freight forwarding software which provides easy and effective management of International as well as Domestic freight forwarding for both Import and Export activities. The Freight Management System of Logi-Sys controls both Inbound and Outbound freight forwarding for various modes including Air, Sea and Land transportation.

Benefits for Freight Forwarders / Benefits of Comprehensive Freight Forwarder Software.

  • Being the most comprehensive software for freight forwarders, Logi-Sys manages the entire process of forwarding including both inbound and outbound operations.
  • It handles inbound Operations from Receipt of Pre-Alerts to Delivery Orders. Outbound operations, right from Bookings, Consolidation, to Shipment can be handled.
  • It also provides Alerts on exceptions and Customer Notifications.
  • Integrated with other modules in a seamless flow of information, it eliminates double entry of data, while allowing department profit centers to be maintained.
  • It also keeps tab on Credit Limits, facilitates Tracking and provides Daily Status Reporting to customers.
  • The entire accounting flow is automated, covering all aspects of Revenue Operations, like recording Expenses and Invoicing, thereby preventing Revenue Leakages.
  • It simplifies key decision making with its Comprehensive Reporting System and Business Intelligence.

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Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service