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Logistics entails multilevel activities combined together to move a product from the place of their origin to destination. The activities broadly includes warehousing, overland transportation, packaging, material handling, inventory management, supply chain management, customer services, procurement and regulatory compliance.

Logistic ERP adoption can optimize your logistics cost.

Logistics is a crucial component of supply and value chain for any successful business being one of the most essential needs of manufacturing companies for distribution of their products across world.

Current Challenges in Logistics Management

Logistics management is entirely based on successful execution of freight transportation and warehouse activities. Transportation and warehouse brings a lot of challenges while completing customers’ requirements. As modern customer requirements change day by day there is more expectations from logistics services providers.

The growing expectations from customers are putting consistent pressure on logistics business owners, presenting them with myriad challenges.

Logistics companies are expected to satisfying their customer needs without errors and in a cost effective manner. The various logistics processes are tightly interlinked and dependent on each other.

A slight delay in any of the process directly has a cascading effect on the final outcome which in turn makes customers unhappy.

Adoption of Logistics Management Software can rapidly grow you across Logistics verticals

ERP for Logistics management is an important trend that is transforming the logistics industry functions. Adoption of logistics software aid logistic players in reducing their operational cost and enhances productivity. ERP for Logistics primarily streamlines the entire process flow which drives the rapid growth and profitability of logistics business.

Logistics management software offers an ideal platform for key logistic players to perform better in competitive environments and present strong challenge to their global competitors.

The key to customer retention is Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction is the benchmark of success in logistics industry and Logistics software solution plays the all to important tole in achieving it.


Logi-Sys can enhance your Logistics Performance

Logi-sys is a next generation logistics software which has been designed especially for logistics Industry. Logi-sys is a complete integration of Warehouse, Transportation, accounting, custom clearance, 3PL modules. It is robust, flexible and scalable to the needs of the industry.

It is an enterprise-level modular architecture that fully integrates all logistics processes with plug-and-play ease. It fulfills the important functionality of visibility over the entire logistics operations.

Logi-Sys Integrates the entire functions of LSPs and offers superior control over business processes empowering company to be flexible and improve productivity.

It paves the way for smooth work flow through elimination of errors allowing operational heads to concentrate on logistics planning and strategic decision making. Logistics software is a powerful application that automates the processes to enhance the operational efficiency, improve customer service and reduce costs.


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Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service