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Customs Clearance


Customs brokerage plays an important role in the Supply Chain process. The function of Customs Clearance comprises of heavy paper work and covers the clearance of goods through customs barrier for importers and exporters. This process also includes classification of goods, preparation of documents and electronic data submission with calculation and payment of taxes and essentially is a bridge between concerned government authorities and importers / exporters.

Challenges for Customs Broker

To enhance service and to maximize profitability effective management is a very crucial component of Customs Clearance process. It is essential to have highly effective Customs Clearance Software to handle the complex process of Customs Clearance.

How We Help You!

The Customs Clearance module of Logi-Sys handles the complex domestic and international trade Customs compliance process with ease to ensure the cargo is cleared swiftly and on time.

The Customs Management System if Logi-Sys keeps pace with the constantly changing Customs Rules and Regulations. Logi-Sys’s Customs Clearance Software is updated instantaneously on any change in Customs rules and regulations.

Logi-Sys can Streamline Customs Brokerage process

Logi-Sys’s Custom Broker Software boosts the speed, accuracy and transparency of the Customs Clearance process. The Customs Broker module automates filing of documents – the single most cumbersome task of a Customs House Agent/ Custom Brokers – online as well as manually.

All the intelligence of Customs regulations are built-in and are updated regularly to incorporate any changes in government policies. This gives you complete assurance of regulatory compliance so that you can focus on managing and growing your business.

Benefits of the Customs Management System

  1. Complete Customs Management System.
  2. Accurate Documentation.
  3. Easy Compliance.
  4. Fastest Updates on Regulatory Changes.
  5. Reduces Human errors and helps avoid penalties.

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