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3PL / 4PL


Third and Fourth Party Logistics services are an integral part of cargo movement happening around the world. 3PL and 4PL companies are responsible for complete management of the way the cargo shipments are moved from the source location to the destination. The complex supply chain today requires 3PLs and 4PL support to simplify their business and make it hassle free. Formidable expertise and wherewithal is required by Third and Fourth Party Logistics companies to provide their customers the required logistics services. This is where third party logistics software and 4PL software solutions play an important role.

3PL and 4PL companies have critical need of software platform that enables them to manage their complex operations with ease and facilitate faster communication between their various business functions.

Softlink is the developer of Next Gen software for 3PL and 4PL companies that helps simplify business operations while giving the Edge to Outsmart competition. Logi-Sys is end-to-end management software for third party and fourth party logistics service providers. The in-built capabilities of Logi-Sys offer a massive advantage to 3PL and 4PL companies in making their operations effortless.

3PL Management Software can help you in your growth

One of the biggest challenges for 3PLs is to have an edge over the ever changing dynamics of the Logistics and help them maneuver the logistics vortex.

Third party logistics software developed by Softlink is seamlessly integrated and has sophisticated operational and reporting features. The communications tools help 3PL agents deliver shipments on time to accomplish customer needs.

3PL Management software integrates Operations, Finance, Sales and Customer Service offering unique advantages. Its crystal clear visibility into cargo movement renders the task of adhering to deliveries schedule both Local as well as International absolutely easy.

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Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service