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The Power of ICE - Freight Forwarder's Key to Success

With fast expanding globalization, freight forwarders and logistics service providers continuously face new challenges and opportunities. The globalization is constantly increasing the competition. To sustain in this competition, freight forwarders must develop new avenues for gaining competitive advantage. With the evolution of next generation freight & logistics software, logistics companies can and must equip themselves with the Power of ICE - Integration, Control and Empowerment.

What is the Power of ICE?

ICE is the key to Success, ICE is the Future of logistics. The Power of ICE will Integrate the entire functions of freight forwarders, provides enhanced level of Control over business processes and Empower to induce flexibility and improve productivity. It is a powerful practice that automates the processes to enhance the operational efficiency, improve customer service and reduce costs. It is essentially divided into 3 action induced steps :

  1. Integrate all Operations, Branches, Customers, Business Partners and Finance
  2. Control the Operational Processes, Shipment Costs, Expenditures, Resources and Errors
  3. Empower Top Management, Managers, Workforce and Customers


Logi-Sys, Next Generation Freight Forwarding software, enables its users to practice ICE methodology. Let us understand how Logi-Sys can unleash the Power of ICE which can lead freight forwarders to success -

Integration : Streamline & Simplify

Keeping in mind the complexities of the Logistics Industry, managing the disparate functions and providing seamless co-ordination is the primary achievement of integration. It enables smooth functioning of processes allowing logistics companies to concentrate on their core competency. Integration of the vital aspects of their business assists in streamlining the various Operations with Finance & Accounting process.

Freight forwarders can use Logi-Sys to integrate the major business functions such as Air & Sea Freight, Local Transportation, Customs Broking, Regulatory Compliance, Warehouse, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Finance & Accounting etc. The various business partners and stake holders such as customers, vendors and third party service providers can also be integrated in a single platform. Integration of these different processes allows them to collaborate with each other and share the critical business information in real-time. Integration using Logi-Sys also helps them in avoiding duplication of documents, saving time and efforts. As a result freight forwarders can streamline and simplify the operations to increase the productivity and efficiency of the operations.

Control : Delivering Excellence

Control is a crucial factor in logistics and is of utmost importance to oversee fluent operations. Yet having controlled operations and processes is extremely difficult in complex logistics operations. Control over all key parameters helps the freight forwarders to improve and excel their services. With help of Logi-Sys Cloud ERP platform, freight forwarding companies can create a powerful control center to improve overall operations by implementing a continuous optimization process.

With unprecedented control over operations, quality of service can be improved across end-to-end operations, which will enable the smooth flow of repeat business opportunities. Control measures can be enforced to ensure smooth functioning of the resources. Enhanced control helps in reducing the errors in the processes. Logi-Sys effectively controls the cost of operations by reducing per shipment cost and controls revenue leakages and financial expenditures. Eventually, this results in increasing overall profitability and delivering excellence in operations.

Empower : Power to Perform

Empowering the stake holders - both internal and external - with the right tools can improve the efficiency dramatically. Using Logi-Sys, freight forwarders can empower entire workforce to work anytime and from anywhere. Empowerment enables employees to provide customers with the best possible service. Freight forwarders can empower their customers to keep track of their cargo - converting the customer service into self-service.

Data management and information reporting infrastructure created with Logi-Sys provides crucial information to the top management about their business operations. Effective usage of powerful reports and crisp dashboards can help in informed decision making than error-prone judgmental calls. Reports generated using analytics and reporting platform helps top management in Strategic Decision Making and middle level managers to make operational decisions.

Logi-Sys, Software for Freight Forwarders designed as Cloud ERP enables freight forwarders with the Power of ICE to satisfy their requirements towards new challenges. Integration improves Productivity & Efficiency. Control measures reduce errors, costs & revenue leakages to enhance profitability. Empowerment improves decision making and visibility. By effectively using the power of ICE, freight forwarders can improve overall customer happiness by providing faster, better and cheaper service to achieve greater success.

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