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Warehouse Efficiencies? An Integrated Approach

Warehousing is a critical link in the supply chain that requires complex skill sets to monitor and manage. To maintain and increase margins logistics service providers (LSPs) must cut costs, maximize stock turn and optimize asset utilization. Overall, the trends affecting warehousing services are speed of response, efficiency, and accuracy. This cannot be achieved without effective and integrated warehouse management system.

Warehouses today are facing problems such as maintaining stock visibility and stock accuracy levels, efficient stock handling, stock traceability and tracking, and rising costs. Due to the intense competition logistics companies are also finding it difficult to pass on cost increases to customers.

Some of the key problems faced by companies:

  1. Customer Services Challenges
  2. Supply Chain Compliances needs
  3. Poor Inventory Visibility
  4. High Overall inventory levels, high carrying costs
  5. Qualified Labor Cost and availability.
  6. High Integration expenses
  7. Business process flexibility


Up to recent times warehousing companies used to implement rudimentary systems to manage their facilities and to track inventory. The systems were independent and were used locally to manage the specific tasks. Despite the need for visibility, these systems do not give companies an accurate picture in real time. They require too much manual intervention or data capture and generate extensive paperwork. Moreover the systems struggle to share information with other systems and do not integrate easily with other supply chain partners. Warehouse System

With the evolution of technology companies have become more aware and have started adopting a different approach to warehouse management. To remain competitive in today?s dynamic business environment, companies are looking to implement the right technology and system integration methodologies. Instead of going for an independent system companies are adopting technology that will integrate, evolve and expand their functions. Integration, interoperability and expansion are the key buzzwords right now, since companies also need the capability to exchange data with clients and with other vendors.

Logisys: Warehouse Module Softlink ?s integrated warehousing solution manages the entire activities from Advanced Ship Notice (ASN), bay allocation, stock receipt, storage, to stock release. The system provides companies with real time and accurate information and some advanced features like:

  1. Space Segmentation
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Stock traceability and tracking
  4. Real time tracking based on the mobile computing devices.
  5. Stock Visibility
  6. Visibility to the Business partners and Customer
  7. Activity based quotation and billing
  8. Centralize Billing and Accounting and much more


It facilitates automatic data capture and eliminates paperwork to maximize efficiency. This is achieved by employing a range of data capture technologies ? RFID, bar code scanning etc. Companies can validate information and ensure process compliance at key points. Information can be made available seamlessly to supply chain partners, as necessary, given ease of integration to third party systems.

The key to a successful warehousing solution is to make individual components like material handling equipment, storage systems, warehouse management systems, automation controls, bar coding etc. work together through an integrated approach. Successful warehouse services already use database and management tools that can collaborate with partners and customers. Companies must have full visibility of the movement of goods, as well as stock.


Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service

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