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Setting International service benchmarks with the right Freight Management Solutions

Globalisation of business and trade has brought about standardisation of services. No matter where your business is located, customers expect service standards that are at par with global benchmarks. A leak in service levels, response time or transmission of information is not acceptable any more.

The challenge for the logistics sector, which typically operates in an international environment, is to deliver service levels which can be bench marked against the best in the world. The increasing complexity of global supply chains demands cutting edge technology to simplify internal operations and processes and enhance the customer experience.

To deliver superior service standards, logistics companies need to take advantage of Cloud-based Freight Management Solutions. There is a need to evolve their IT strategy to add value to their operations, achieve cost-savings and enhance productivity all this translates into a better customer experience. Softlink Global’s Cloud-based Freight Management software ‘Logi-Sys’ enables Freight Forwarding & Logistics service providers to serve their customers even more effectively while improving operational efficiency.

The third is the conservative "if it's not broke, don’t fix it" philosophy. These companies are typically tied down to old legacy systems, even if it is slowing them down. Very often, they only decide to upgrade when their customers start demanding for better services or because a new feature set is absolutely required to get the job done. Sure, your day-to-day work will go on, but that kind of thinking is shortsighted and may leave you with fewer chances of a full and quick recovery on the rebound, when the market recovers from the slowdown. When the market is in full swing, competition is cut throat and companies which offer the most value addition, in terms of customer experience and breakthrough IT solutions, will grab the most market share.

Logi-Sys is designed to help companies offer international service levels by facilitating integrated, fast, and flexible business processes. Logi-Sys benefits customers by providing application scalability and reduced hardware costs. For customers who want to acquire this Freight Management solution without managing hardware, software, and upgrades while reducing up-front expenses, Sofltink offers the Software as a Service (SaaS) module which allows you to ‘pay as you go’. This means even logistics companies who are cautious about incurring additional expenses can offer superior services at a fraction of the cost.

Cloud-based Freight Management Solutions offer the ease of ‘plug and play’ systems along with third party integration with other systems like Customs’ EDI, INTTRA, WIN Connect, etc. This means users only use a single gateway to gain access to end to end Freight Management Solutions.

Feature rich ERP systems like Logi-Sys offer customers an easy to use interface for functions like Booking, Documentation, Consolidation, Inland Transportation, Warehouse Management, Container Management, Billing, Financial Accounts, Track & Trace, Alerts & Notification, etc.

Offering globally bench marked services by implementing cloud based ERP solutions offers dual benefits of a consistently upgraded service portfolio and scalability options.

Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Softlink Global says, “We always advise customers to go for Modular, Scalable and Extensible applications which improve productivity and control within the organization, and enable effective decision making and profitable business growth.”


Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service

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