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3 Distinct Qualities of Successful Logistics Leaders

“Amateurs talk about Tactics; Professionals discuss Logistics”

Performing well in logistics and freight forwarding industry depends on various crucial factors. Some of these factors vary based on the specific business lines, locations, customer cargo requirements and specialties of the organizations such as project cargo or express cargo etc. Success in this industry requires numerous attempts that can maximize the optimization of entire logistics processes.

One most important common factor is the leadership at the helm which provides the vision and direction towards which the organization moves. Every growing and successful logistics business requires a leader, who can transform the organization into a winning team.

So, what really makes a logistician successful in this competitive and dynamic environment? Here is the answer…

1. Effectively Manages Operations and Finance

A successful logistics leader is capable of managing the business operations and the finances without one affecting the other. Managing fund flows is a huge challenge in the industry. Successful logisticians have tackled this issue more effectively by utilizing an integrated logistics ERP which facilitates seamless flow of revenue related information. ERP Software empowers logisticians with powerful accounting and billing applications to integrate financial accounting with operations. The integration of operations with accounts is exceedingly important to improve cash-flows, reduce costs and control revenue leakages. Enhancing cash flows results in increased Profitability.

Logistics business growth is based on efficient process management. Successful logistics leaders work towards creating standard operating processes throughout their organization. Logisticians today use Next-Generation Logistics Software to integrate entire logistics business functions and help in creating standard processes. Process standardization and EDI helps in improving work flows resulting in increased productivity which in turn generates greater revenue and higher profit margins. Closely integrated operations also reduce the errors in documentation and efforts in repeated data entry which allows logistics companies to focus on more fruitful business activities such as customer service.

2. Strives to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Customers today need their logistics partners to go beyond just delivering the cargo. Successful logisticians make sure they provide better experience to their customers including quick and accurate updates about their cargo status.

Top logistics leaders believe that ‘Customers are reflective mirrors of their service’ and ensure to provide quality service to their customers. They understand the importance of automating customer service functions which directly impacts the business growth. They employ logistics automation software to provide complete visibility to the customers with real-time tracking, appropriate documentation and customized daily status reports (DSR).

Successful logisticians do not only focus on providing better service but also work towards increasing customer’s engagement with them. Logistics companies achieve this by providing E-Support to their customers. The E-Support facilitates additional benefits with Web-integrated Customer Service Portal and Mobile Apps which the customers can use to access shipment status, create new jobs or even check pending invoices.

Understands the Importance of Technology and Invest in Logistics Software

Ever updating technology is the new pillar of the logistics industry. Technology is no more a good to have expenditure but has become an investment which helps in driving and managing business growth. Leading logisticians understand the importance of technology in improving their business operations and actively drive efforts to deploy innovative logistics software in their organization.

Integrating logistics & freight operations with other business functions such as Sales, Customer Service, Accounts and Billing increases coordination among various functions. Logistics ERP software allows to amalgamate all critical functions into single platform which tremendously improves the information flow across the multiple vendors of the supply chain. Leading logisticians around the world are reaping the benefits these innovations and helping their organizations to stay head and shoulders above the competition.

With this distinct abilities and discussion making qualities “successful logistician” differ themselves from being a “tactical logisticians”.


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