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An Earth Without Boundaries

arunAn event I look forward to attend every year is the annual conference organised by WCA, a network of global logistic companies, at different cities in the world. This year it was held at Abu Dhabi, the oil rich nation of the Middle East. The Gulf, I think truly represents man’s indefatigable resolve and his indomitable spirit to put life in any inhabitable place on the earth.

Software Quality, a Conundrum

Since its inception, the software development industry has been plagued by the issue of quality or the lack of it. A common perception among people is that the responsibility to ensure software quality rests solely with the software development teams or QA teams.  Due to this perception, which in my opinion is flawed and unfair, the development teams have always been the target of never ending sarcasm and criticism, sometimes veiled and sometimes overt.

Automate E-filing of Airway-Bill & Advance Manifest Information

Logi-Sys – End-to-End Cloud ERP for Freight & Logistics – is now powered with ‘Airline-Connect’ to Simplify Operations of freight and logistics companies. Airline-Connect enables freight forwarders to send AWB & Advance Manifest information in electronic form and read Tracking Information received back from the Airlines. It connects freight forwarders to 90+ Airlines directly from Logi-Sys.

How to choose an ERP System for freight forwarding Industry

Today’s dynamic nature of the logistics and shipping industry combined with growing competition already existing in the sector bring lots of unique challenges to the small and medium scale operators. This dynamic rules and competition makes it compulsory for freight forwarding firms, non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC’s), international freight brokers, custom house agents, shipping agents and cargo agents to streamline their multifarious business operations to compete in this competitive fright forwarding industry.

Effective Logistics Management with ERP Systems

In today’s High tech and challenging logistic industry, companies need to adjust themselves quickly to new turbulent conditions. To survive and grow
successfully in logistics industry companies need to have an ability to flexibly adjust the logistics work-flow process, operations and information flow along with
extended logistics rules and regulations. On the other hand, the companies with a large or a mid-size, have a very complicated organizational structure, with

Best Practices To Improve Logistics Efficiency

When it comes to a logistics business, continuous improvement is mandatory to facilitate robust and to sustained growth. Unexpected rising prices on expense such as energy to labor or labor to raw material is a challenge for every company’s bottom line. By adding slight improvement in logistics process, logisticians can sustain and gain profit an edge over their competitor.