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  • Posted on: 11 March 2016
  • By: admin

Bhagwati Shipping commenced business operations in November 1983 as a proprietorship and was, later on, in 1996 incorporated as a Private Limited Company. Bhagwati Shipping Pvt. Ltd, a CHA organization has, over a period of time acquired expertise in providing door to door logistics solutions.

Bhagwati Shipping was already using Visual IMPEX for their Customs clearance operations and was looking to streamline their accounting process. They were doing accounting manually and then later on through Tally. They felt, Tally had a limited scope and was unsuitable for the type of operations of the business. This is the time the decided to approach Softlink for a demonstration of Visual Accounts, the financial accounting software designed special for Customs Clearing and freight forwarding activities.


Mr. Hemant Sonar, Founding Director, Bhagwati Shipping
“We were using a system that was not designed to handle the specific needs of the industry. It was at this point time that we opted for Softlink's product and found it to be very much suitable for our needs. Visual Accounts not only met our business needs it helped streamline the information flow and introduce controls via the system, hitherto not possible.”