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Automate E-filing of Airway-Bill & Advance Manifest Information

Logi-Sys – End-to-End Cloud ERP for Freight & Logistics – is now powered with ‘Airline-Connect’ to Simplify Operations of freight and logistics companies. Airline-Connect enables freight forwarders to send AWB & Advance Manifest information in electronic form and read Tracking Information received back from the Airlines. It connects freight forwarders to 90+ Airlines directly from Logi-Sys.

Advance Manifest System is mandatory in numerous countries and geographies such as US, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada etc. Freight forwarders have to submit advance manifest information to the Airlines which are mandated to send it to the customs regulators of the destination country before cargo can be loaded on the aircraft. Sending advance manifest in electronic format saves huge costs as airlines levy only nominal charges for e-filing compared to the large amounts charged for manual process. Logi-Sys can connect to more than 90 leading airlines including Lufthansa, British Airways, Cathay, Etihad, Delta etc. and completely automates the data exchange with the connected airlines.

A huge benefit of using ‘Airline-Connect’ is that it is seamlessly integrated with the tracking function of Logi-Sys for providing real-time visibility for the freight forwarders. Airline-Connect can track the eAWB number from Airlines automatically to provide accurate and timely information of cargo status and minimize manual interaction.

The direct benefits of using Airline-Connect are –

  • Tremendous Cost saving – almost 70-80% – by e-filing of manifest and e-AWB
  • No need to re-enter the Airway-Bill information as data is picked up directly from Logi-Sys
  • Save the confidential business information from the risk of exposure by sharing with any Third-Parties for e-filing of Airway-Bill
  • Save time and hassles by directly exchanging information in electronic form with all the airlines
  • Enable more accurate tracking for our customers as the cargo status is received directly from airlines

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