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All Testimonials

"Softlink brings a complete depth and width of expertise in providing holistic software solutions for Logistics sector."

Sunil Krishnan
Managing Director, Logistic Integrators

"Softlink’s product helps us to manage many key processes within the stipulated time. Their support and regular product updates are very valuable."

Subhasish Ghosh
Executive, DB Schenker

“We knew that only the power and strength of a centralised IT system could cater to the ever increasing demands of our customers. Achieving those deliverables in time would keep us ahead of the competition. The decision to move to ‘Logi-Sys’ was solely based on the advanced features it had. This would help us to enhance customer experience vis-a-vis their desktop variants, which are still used by many of our competitors.”

Suraj Rajan
CEO, Suraj Forwarders

"We were users of Softlink's desktop applications for years together, and only chose to migrate to their cloud based "Logi-Sys" after evaluating other available options. The cloud based application we knew Logi-Sys will go live well before the new financial year begins.We believe that Logi-Sys compliments our objective to provide high quality service to our premium clients at no additional costs."

AM Rajan
Managing Director, Suraj Forwarders

"In Softlink, we found a capable and trusted partner who has a long history of providing value-based products and developing successful customer relationships. The domain expertise, professional approach and technological competence of Softlink are commendable."

Jason D'souza
Executive , DHL Lemuir Logistics Pvt. Ltd

“I am not surprised that Logi-Sys is successful in grabbing attention of international players. We have been using Logi-Sys for more than four years and I must admit that it has helped us optimize our resources, capacity building & reduced our administrative costs. The customer support that is provided is efficient & solves our doubts on demand. It also gives us the flexibility to work from anywhere, thus making our operations convenient & more time and cost efficient.”

Harihar Nath
Director, Cargomen Logistics



Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service