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All Testimonials

"Cloud solutions are powering modern business all over the globe. Adopting to the changing industry demands is the need of the hour."

Mr Amarnath
Managing Director, Far N Par

"Applications for mere document creation is passé; at Mayuri Associates, we have integrated our operations, enhanced our control on the processes and empowered our people via adopting a technologically superior application"

Ms Uma
Partner, Mayuri Associates

"The rapid expansion of the logistics industry requires solutions which can optimise the entire processes and control the cash flow. Usage of technology has supplemented the productivity of our operations."

Kamal Jain
Director, Cargomen

"We have confidence in Softlink and “Logi-Sys” as it has passed our evaluation process. Both our teams worked closely to ensure timelines were met and successful implementation by Softlink and TVS dynamics."

Siddharth Jairaj
Director, TVS Dynamics

"Logi-Sys has helped us in delivering greater value to our customers by curbing delay and enhancing customer interactions at all levels. The same has been appreciated by our customers."

Vijay Mehta
Managing Director, AV Global

"AEO Status is the result of systematic planning, continuous improvement, focused efforts and highly effective utilization of technology. We exploited the benefits of Logi-Sys to create a solid platform that can provide standardisation in procedures and control over operations & finance. Results were great! We can completely rely on the system we have designed using Logi-Sys to enhance the outcome further."

P. S. Atree
Director, P. S. Atree & Co. Pvt. Ltd.



Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service