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All Testimonials

“I am very impressed with the GSTR return filing via IRIS along with integrated Financial Accounting feature in Logi-sys Pro. With this facility, we were able to make our business more process oriented”

Neeta Shah
Proprietor, Navkar Shipping

“The primary reason why  we chose Logi-Sys Pro is due to its GST Compliance feature and this being integrated with its Billing and Accounting module is icing on the cake”

Kiran Kashikar
Director, Kwick Cargo Tracers & Lifters

"Live Impex is an excellent tool and helps us to filing the documents on time without any hassles. Domain is quite helpful in getting the regular updated within stipulated time."

Mr. B. Adarsh
DGM, Seaways Shipping and Logistics Ltd.

"Live Impex is helping us improve our services with its swift and efficient Customs filing and management capabilities. We have been able to eliminate errors and delays in documentation and ICEGATE filing. The web based solutions gives us the freedom and flexibility to work at any time from any location and helps us in serving our customers better."

Mr. Amar Rao
Managing Partner, Sai Prasad Impex Solutions

ATC is growing rapidly and it was time to switch to advanced technology to integrate our operations of all business verticals from all branches. The centralization of our services and offices will help us to efficiently fulfill our organizational needs of internal controls, reporting systems & target fulfillment mapping. Consolidated accounting and finance closely integrated with operations will empower us with more effective financial discipline.

ATC Group
Shantanu Bhadkamkar, M.D.,

“I am sure that Logi-Sys will help us not only to integrate and streamline our operations which are spread across the globe but also empower management to take informed decisions."

Mirko Knezevic
Global COO, UTC Overseas



Logi-Sys PRO is an ERP for CHA that covers the entire business including Billing, Accounting, Sales and Customer Service