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Softlink Wins the Prestigious Economic Times Logistics Awards 2016 for IT Innovation in Logistics

Monday, 1 February, 2016 - Mumbai: Logistics software leaders, Softlink Global attained a glorious achievement by winning the title of "IT Innovation for Logistics Company" from The Economic Times, India's leading business newspaper, at the prestigious ET Logistics Awards 2016. This is a huge acknowledgement for Softlink's efforts towards providing truly innovative and comprehensive solutions for global logistics industry.

Cloud ERP Platform is revolutionizing the way Freight Forwarding and Logistics businesses manage their operations and is helping them to drive profitable business growth. With constant innovation, Logi-Sys is rapidly becoming the most preferred Freight and Logistics Software around the world. Softlink's prowess in serving the customs clearance industry is well known with its Live Impex and Visual Impex together are responsible for almost 80% of customs documentation and clearance activities in India.

Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO - Softlink Global, was very pleased with this award and commented, "It is a huge achievement to be adjudged as the 'IT Innovator for Logistics Company' from Economic Times at the prestigious ET Logistics Awards 2016. We are extremely glad and thankful to the jury and the entire team of the ET Awards for this high honour. I would like to emphasize that this award is a result of concerted efforts of Softlink team and our dedication towards excellence. I would like to thank our customers for their ultimate trust in Softlink for over 20 years."

On this achievement, National Sales Head for Softlink, Mr. Arun Ashan said, "We are just entering into the first month of the year 2016 and Softlink is pronounced with a title of 'IT Innovation for Logistics Company' at the ET Logistics Awards 2016. This is a dream start of 2016 and we feel that there are many more to come."

The ET Logistics Awards 2016 were organized by Logistics Asia in association with The Economic Times, India's leading business daily and world's second largest business newspaper. ET Logistics Awards were aimed towards recognizing the excellence in the industry and reward the outstanding contributors.


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