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Customer centric approach : Adding value to business
By Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Softlink

Centric Approach
Customers are the most important assets of any organization. To become competitive and ensure continued business, it is necessary to develop a customer centric approach touching all points of a customer interaction. A customer centric approach helps an organization to acquire, retain and grow customer base. One of the important ingredients for a customer centric approach is being sensitive to the client needs, the other being proactive interaction with clients. Effective management of customer needs is a key differentiator for businesses today.
Typically in a business like logistics, lot of co-ordination is required with the clients and various agencies. These various agencies perform different tasks or processes which are crucial for the completion of the transaction. Any delay in one of the task or process can have a cascading effect and can lead to delay resulting in losses. The Logistics Service Provider (LSP) needs to keep track of each and every process to ensure that there are no delays caused by the non-occurrence of any task.
The LSP can build a mechanism which would help in keeping track of the processes and provide timely information to his client of events and the status of the shipment. He can thus alert his client about any discrepancy that could cause delay in the process or could have a negative impact whatsoever.
Lets? take a scenario where the cut-off date is fast approaching but the goods have not been received yet, moreover the Letter of Credit (LC) is also nearing its expiry date. Now suppose the LSP proactively informs his client that if the goods are not shipped on this particular vessel, the LC may expire before it can be shipped in the next available vessel and ask him to expedite the matter, it would make a positive impact on the client. This kind of a customer centric approach would help in garnering customer goodwill, leading to the further strengthening of their relationship.

The client would be delighted if LSP notifies them via email or SMS as soon as the goods are loaded on to the vessel along with the information such as ETD and ETA. This will enable the client to pass on the information to its business partners and plan further activities. Such a proactive approach not only increases customer delight but also enhances the service credibility of the LSP and goes a long way in building customer confidence and adding value to the business.
Business Growth
Daily Status Reports (DSR) is one way of channeling information to the clients on the status of their shipments. DSRs can be prepared and emailed to the clients to keep them updated on the status of all their shipments being handled by the LSP. At the end of the day it eliminates the need for the client to seek information of his various shipments.
Business Online tracking can be provided by the LSP to its clients. The advantage here is the on-demand access to information on shipments, eliminating the need for the LSP to invest time and energy in answering client queries. The clients can keep track of their shipments irrespective of whether they are in their office or not, even from a remote location.
Customer centric approach goes a long way in improving client relationship, retaining clients and gaining new ones. Technology can help LSPs to streamline their processes and become more sensitive to the client needs. In current times with the emergence of new, technology savvy companies and tough competitive business environment, it is imperative for LSPs to rethink their IT strategy. LSPs can leverage technological capabilities to their advantage in formulating a customer centric approach that would help them to add value to their business and provide proactive customer service.

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