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Global Trade Management

Trade-Sys is feature-packed Global Trade Management Software for Importers and Exporters. It helps you to organize and manage your imports and exports from Purchase Order (PO) to Proof of Delivery (POD).

Trade-Sys integrates totally with the supply chain systems to provide seamless connectivity. It enables regulatory compliance and simplifies the entire documentation process for Import and Export activities. The software also connects with service providers including 3PL and 4PL companies.

Trade-Sys assists in adhering to complex statutory compliance requirements which are significant in international trade. With comprehensive information exchange through powerful EDI, Trade-Sys makes sure that all the stakeholders are connected through the software.

Streamline and boost your International trade process with Trade-Sys, a unique international trade compliance solution that enables companies of any size to manage their global trade operations from a single platform.

Export Management

Manage your entire export processes right from receipt of PO till the delivery of goods following the stringent documentation and regulatory compliance requirements of international trade.

Import Management

All the required documents and regulatory compliances for import process with robust processes for adhering to country specific customs regulations and Duty Calculations, Landing Cost etc.

Service Agents connectivity

Connect with your service agents on the same platform, giving them access to input information on to the system and thereby providing complete visibility of the shipments and eliminating duplication of work.

Tracking & Visibility

Track all the activities in international trade, from PO to POD, for each shipment. System allows automatic updates by the agents of shipment status in real-time and tracking of progress of every single shipment along with the milestones. Get complete visibility through reports, scheduled email alerts and SMS.


Trade-Sys enables accuracy and consistency in all documentation including invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Customs Declaration etc., and helps eliminate inefficiencies in the process.

Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Trade-Sys helps in adhering to Customs & Other Regulatory compliances specific to a country. The system allows generation of necessary documents like Customs Declaration, Certificate Of Origin, Bill of Exchange etc. accurately.

License Management

Maintain and track various licenses required for international trade with Trade-Sys. The system enables compliance to all critical regulations and manages duty drawback along with necessary documentation in a transparent manner.

Business Reporting

Graphical reporting in the form of dashboard gives you clear and precise information on major aspects of your business including operational performance. With just a few clicks you get detailed information and MIS reports that are vital for making right decisions at the right time.


Trade-Sys can exchange data electronically with all the business partners including Shippers, Consignees, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders and LSPs.


Complete management of Imports and Exports

Managing multiple service providers

Online visibility to relevant stakeholders

Complete Integration to avoid dual data entry

Document management with easy retrieval

Maintains the record of all communication

Verifying Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Better Resource planning

Accurate predication of delivery

Analysis of Impact of changes in duties

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Mr. B. Adarsh