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ATC is growing rapidly and it was time to switch to advanced technology to integrate our operations of all business verticals from all branches. The centralization of our services and offices will help us to efficiently fulfill our organizational needs of internal controls, reporting systems & target fulfillment mapping. Consolidated accounting and finance closely integrated with operations will empower us with more effective financial discipline.

ATC Group
Shantanu Bhadkamkar, M.D.,

“I am sure that Logi-Sys will help us not only to integrate and streamline our operations which are spread across the globe but also empower management to take informed decisions."

Mirko Knezevic
Global COO, UTC Overseas

"Cloud solutions are powering modern business all over the globe. Adopting to the changing industry demands is the need of the hour."

Mr Amarnath
Managing Director, Far N Par

"Applications for mere document creation is passé; at Mayuri Associates, we have integrated our operations, enhanced our control on the processes and empowered our people via adopting a technologically superior application"

Ms Uma
Executive, Mayuri Associates

"The rapid expansion of the logistics industry requires solutions which can optimise the entire processes and control the cash flow. Usage of technology has supplemented the productivity of our operations."

Kamal Jain
Director, Cargomen

"We have confidence in Softlink and “Logi-Sys” as it has passed our evaluation process. Both our teams worked closely to ensure timelines were met and successful implementation by Softlink and TVS dynamics."

Siddharth Jairaj
Director, TVS Dynamics



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