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logi-sys-logo Logi-Sys: Cloud Logistics ERP Software

Logi-Sys: Logistics & Freight Forwarding Software

Logi-Sys is an end-to-end logistics software solution, which streamlines the entire operations of logistics service providers. With its easy to use interface and modular nature, Logi-Sys integrates freight forwarding and logistics operations including warehousing, transportation & custom clearance with various other business functions such as Financial Accounts, Billing, Sales and Customer Service.

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Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding Module of Logi-Sys automates the entire operations of Freight Forwarders. It is an End-to-End Freight Forwarding Software that manages International and Domestic freight forwarding including Import & Export for all the modes - Air, Sea and Land. The Freight Management System of Logi-Sys controls Inward process from Pre-Alerts, Arrival Notice, and Release Order till Delivery of freight. In Outward operations, it manages all activities from Booking, Pickup, HBL/HAWB, AW/MBL, and Consolidation to Invoicing. Freight Forwarding module can be integrated with other modules of Logi-Sys to create a comprehensive logistics software platform.

Inland Transportation Software

Transport Management System (TMS) of Logi-Sys, with its powerful features, allows users to handle their entire Transport operations in an efficient & well-organized manner. It is a complete Transportation Management Software which manages all aspects of Inland Transportation from Pickup Requests, Trip Planning, Tracking and Proof of Delivery to Invoicing. Transport Management module supports fleet management and is integrated with other modules of Logi-Sys to create a comprehensive logistics software solution.

Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Management System of Logi-Sys allows users to manage their warehouse operations with ease and efficiency. The WMS module streamlines the entire inward and outward process and enhances productivity multiple times. The system automates all aspects of warehousing operations from the Advance Ship Notice (ASN), Goods Receipt (GR), Putaways, Pickup, Goods Issue Order (GIO), and Inventory Management to Invoicing. The Warehouse Management software module can be integrated with other modules of Logi-Sys to create a comprehensive logistics management system.

Container Management

Container Management Module handles all aspects of container management from Yard-to-Yard enabling optimum utilization of resources. This module of Logi-Sys provides total asset management of containers including flexitanks right from purchase to scrap. The Container Management module can be integrated with other modules of Logi-Sys to create a comprehensive logistics management software.

Customs & Regulatory

Customs & Regulatory Module takes care of the necessary compliance issues required by customs and other authorities. This module of Logi-Sys makes operations regulatory, compliant to eliminate costly errors. Custom Broking module specially designed for specific* countries provides complete control over operations. The system can also be linked to the local customs application with ease. The Customs Clearance module can be integrated with other modules of Logi-Sys to create comprehensive logistics management software.

Sales & Service

Sales & Service (CRM) Module has been designed specifically for the Logistics Industry to take care of their distinct requirements. This module of Logi-Sys manages the entire sales lifecycle right from the Marketing Campaigns, Revenue Targets, Leads and Opportunities to Client Acquisition and Customer Service. This module provides 360˚ Visibility to management and ensures robust process to increase sales. The Sales & Service module integrates with other modules of Logi-Sys to build an end-to-end logistics software and provides seamless customer relationship management.

Financial Management

Integrated Finance, Accounts & Billing makes Logi-Sys the most powerful logistics management software. The Financial Accounting Module is tightly integrated with operational modules facilitating seamless flow of revenue related information. It automates the entire accounting process & manages Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Outstanding, Credits, Generation of Balance Sheet and other accounting reports. This module helps in eliminating revenue leakages, enhancing cash flows resulting in increased Profitability. The various drill-down accounting reports supported by the customizable MIS reports empowers informed decision making.

Customer Visibility Portal

Customer Visibility Portal considerably improves the customer experience by allowing logistics organizations to provide complete visibility to their customers. This system provides Real-Time Tracking to Shippers along with History of shipments and associated documents. Shippers can also view and download their Outstanding Payments, Print Invoices, and Approve Draft BL/AWB. Integrated Mobile Application enables shippers to check shipment status any time anywhere.

trade-sys-logo Trade-Sys: Supply Chain Software


Trade-Sys is an easy to use Integrated Supply Chain Management Software specially designed for Importers, Exporters & 4 PL companies. Trade-Sys helps to manage International Trade activities right from Purchase Order to Proof of Delivery (PO to POD).

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Export Management Software

Export Management Module takes care of the entire export processes right from receipt of PO till the delivery of goods. Trade-Sys helps users in managing the stringent documentation & regulatory compliance requirements in international trade. It can be linked with logistics companies to provide complete visibility of the shipments.

Import Management Software

Import Management Module manages all the required documents & regulatory compliances for import process. Trade-Sys also creates robust processes adhering to country specific customs regulations and also helps in Duty Calculations and Landing Cost. This system can be linked with logistics companies to provide complete visibility of the shipments.

Tracking & Visibility

The tracking & visibility module helps users to track all the activities in international trade, from PO to POD, for any single shipment. This module links with LSPs to automatically to update the shipment status & help in managing SLA. Trade-Sys enables the internal stakeholders of Supply chain process (or import & export process) to track the progress of every single shipment along with the milestones by providing complete visibility.


Accurate documentation is a key requirement for successful International Trade. Trade-Sys ensures accuracy & consistency in documentation. It generates all the required documents like invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Customs Declaration etc.

Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Trade-Sys helps in adhering to Customs & Other Regulatory compliances specific to a country. The system allows generation of necessary documents like Customs Declaration, Certificate Of Origin, Bill of Exchange etc. accurately.

License Management

Trade-Sys maintains & tracks various licenses required for international trade. The system ensures compliance to all critical regulations. Trade-Sys manages duty drawback along with necessary documentation.

Business Reporting

Trade-Sys generates many registers & reports to ensure all the information is availble at fingertips. This system also generates various MIS reports which enables the users to take the right decision at the right time.


Trade-Sys can exchange data electronically with all the business partners including Shippers, Consignees, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders & LSPs.


Trusted by over 90,000 users in 3,500 organisations across the world.

Softlink products have been successfully implemented and used by Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PL companies, Exporters, Importers, Custom House Agents / Customs Brokers and other logistics service providers.

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